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  Fax:  (805) 927-2955

Here at Cambria Drug And Gift, we take pride in providing you with prompt and courteous pharmacy services with utmost care and consideration. We are a full service, community retail pharmacy that's family owned and operated. In addition to filling regular prescription medications, we also carry a wide variety of immunization shots such as the flu vaccine (influenza), shingles vaccine (Zostavax), pneumonia (Pneumovax) just to name a few. We also offer a full line of over the counter medications as well as medical supplies and durable medical equipment. And, we have the largest selection of greeting cards in town as well as various gift items that are sure to put a smile in everyone's faces. As an example, we are bringing back the rubber duckies to Cambria. 

Pharmacist In Charge:  Alvin Ferrer, Pharm.D.